Free Motion Machine

When it comes to the Fitness First Free Motion machine, you will be able to achieve remarkable results. These solid steel machines allow you to move in multiple directions than standard weight machines, making it much easier to diversify your workouts. It contains a multifunctional design with rotating arm settings, both vertically and horizontally, as well as a plate stack of up to 200 pounds, which promotes optimize workout sessions. When it comes to the exercises you can do with a free motion machine, you certainly have an abundance of options.

Free Motion Machine

Single-Leg Squat Pull

This particular exercise targets your legs, glutes, and core. For this, you have to position the levers at your chest height and shoulder-width apart. Using the weight level you want, hold a handle in each hand, arms extended and palms facing the floor. Then lift your leg in front of you and squat at the same time.

Side-Lunge Twist

This move also is a leg, glute, and core exercise.  With this, position one of the levers about a foot over your head and set your weight levels. If you are going to be lunging to the left, then stand on the right side and face the lever while grasping the handle with both hands over your head. As you lunge to the left, pull the handle towards your left knee.  When you are done with those reps, switch sides, and repeat.

Pull-Row Rotation

Moving to some chest, back, biceps, and core-focused moves, the pull-row rotation is a great exercise to do using the free motion machine. To do this exercise correctly, start with positioning the left lever at your shoulder height and the right one at chin height.  Stand with your left side towards the machine while holding a handle in each hand.  Extend your left arm in front of your hips and your right arm at your chest behind you.  Make sure your palms and torso are facing right as well. Then twist your torso to the left while you bend your left elbow, drawing it back as your right arm moves forward.

Plank Kickback

Plank kickbacks are excellent for your triceps, core, and legs combined. To start this move, position one of the levers at ankle height and stack your desired weight. Get into the planking position, facing the lever.  Hold the handle with your right hand while your palm is facing left.  Next, bend your right elbow and bring it towards your side. Then extend your arm back as you rotate your palm upward. Once here, bend your elbow back to return to the starting position.


The Fitness First Free Motion machine will be able to give you a free motion range that can prompt you to use more stabilizers than traditional weight machines. In fact, there was a study conducted from Globe University in Shakopee, Minnesota, which found that over the course of 16 weeks, those who trained with a free motion machine gained 60% more muscle strength than those who used standard weight machines. With the benefits and exercises you can do with this powerful equipment, you will be able to optimize muscle strength and be flexible with your movements to increase performance and have amazing outcomes.

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